This temperature plot shows the outside shade temperature for today and yesterday. The numbers along the bottom give Renmark local time, using a 24 hour clock, so that 13 means 1 pm. Yesterday's temperatures are shown in blue, and today's in red.

The temperature is measured in degrees Celsius. If you're used to Fahrenheit, then 0 degrees C is 32 degrees F, and 37 C is about 100 F.

Things to look for:

On a day without cloud, you'll see the temperature dropping at night, reaching a minimum about 6 am, before the sun comes up. Then the air starts to warm up, and around midday it is often as hot as it will get.

If there is cloud over Renmark, the temperature is "evened out" - it doesn't cool much overnight, and doesn't warm up the next day. Sometimes you see the temperature rising and falling in the early afternoon - that could mean there's broken cloud, with the sun shining through the gaps.

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